Arthur Cordes: Tips For Keeping Your Drinking Water Safe

As a hazardous waste removal specialist, Arthur Cordes has worked as a Foreman and Site Superintendent on a number of projects, some of which have involved dealing with contaminated water. On a smaller scale, many people are wary about potential contaminants in the water they drink at home, so do the below to ensure yours is as safe as possible.

arthur cordes

Run The Faucet

While you should not run your faucet for an extended period of time, as this results in waste, doing so for a couple of seconds will ensure that any contaminants and stagnant water are flushed away. This is particularly important if you have been away from the faucet for a number of days, as such water has the capacity to build up and can cause issues if consumed.

Keep Taps Clean

You should also use specialized cleaners to ensure any mildew or bacteria that builds up on the faucet is dealt with. Furthermore, action can be taken to make it harder for bacteria to spread. For example, you should avoid draping dirty and used washcloths over the faucet, as this creates an ideal breeding ground for a number of harmful contaminants.

Stay Aware Of Taste Changes

You should be alert to any changes in the taste of your drinking water, as this may be a sign that a contaminant has entered the water system. Pay particular attention to metallic, bitter and antiseptic tastes. If you notice any of these consider reporting them to your local water authority.

Arthur Cordes is a hazardous waste removal specialist who is passionate about the environment.

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