Arthur Cordes Looks At The Challenges That Army Veterans Face When Looking For Work

Arthur Cordes is a United States army veteran who has enjoyed a successful career since leaving the military. Arthur Cordes began his military career in 1983 as part of the United States army and concluded it in 1993, having spent eight years of his tenure in the army as a sniper for the United States Marine Corps. Upon returning to civilian life he was tasked with the challenge of making the necessary adjustments that would be required if he was to find a career outside the army. He succeeded thanks to his environmental passions pulling him towards a career in hazardous waste removal, however, there are many veterans who struggle to adapt in the same way. This is because they face a number of key challenges.

arthur cordes

A lack of immediate direction is often the main problem that veterans face upon leaving the army. Having spent the majority of their careers being given specific orders and carrying them out, it can be a shock to the system to enter in civilian life and be given a range of choices in their careers. Those who succeed tend to be able to adapt the many skills they learned during military service to the roles they apply for, however, this is often difficult for those who are used to being given specific direction.

Furthermore, the trauma that is often caused by military service often acts as a major barrier, particularly in cases where potential employers discriminate against veterans with disabilities and those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Seeing their efforts go to waste because of the unwarranted views of others, who often have faulty information, can be extremely disheartening and the challenge is highlighted by the fact that a recent study has found that as many as twenty-two veterans commit suicide in the United States. This is a major issue that can often be related to the struggle to adapt to civilian life.

This is why Arthur Cordes has great passion for the advocacy of veterans’ rights upon returning home. He is a member of Disabled American Veterans and is able to offer support and advice on how to move forward following a career in the military.

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