Arthur Cordes: Safety Advice and Tips For Miners

As a Site Superintendent and Foreman for Environmental Restoration, LLC, Arthur Cordes has been involved in a number of excavation projects at sites where contamination is believed to be an issue. In doing so he has worked alongside numerous mining professionals to ensure the safety of all those on site.


The following are useful safety tips for all in the mining industry.

Go In With A Plan

If you don’t have a plan of action in place for the work you are about to do, it is likely that your efforts will be less focused and you will open your team up to more risk. Detailed analysis of the area to be mined needs to be carried out, as does a risk assessment. Combine all of this information to create a detailed plan of action.

Report Issues

Those working in the mine should be told to report issues to site foremen as quickly as possible, as this mitigates the risk of them turning into major problems that could cause safety issues. This education should start in training and be reinforced by rewarding the quick actions of those who report problems. Remember that no issue is too small and that reporting everything allows for comprehensive action to be taken.

Wear Protective Clothing

There are many hazards inherent to mining, particularly in regards to falling stone. This means that workers should be equipped with high visibility clothing, gloves, and strong boots and, perhaps most importantly, sturdy helmets that can protect them from falling debris.

Arthur Cordes is a hazardous waste removal specialist who has been involved in a number of excavations.

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